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- How much of your products?

Before sending the official proposal to our customers, we always ask the similar questions as”What product do you want?” “What is your target price?” “What is your target market and certificate request?” ect... We have many products and some are not put into our website, some are development for special market request. Just know your exact request, we can help you to choose the right product and cooperator way with our recommendation.

- If you can do the customization work for us, like new languages, gift box, accessories…?

We provide totally customization service to our customers, as mentioned in our capability, we owned our team on R&D development and Quality control, it ensure every work process is under the control and executed in a effective way. There is no need to worry about new market and special customer’s request, just be focus on your sales, and leave the rest workload to us.

- I also need some help on promotion on new products and project, can you help me?

Not only to products, with the long cooperation with material suppliers, we helped most of customers (especially for new brand and product) to find the effective and matched promotion data to them, including mobile dummy phone, mobile phone bag, T shirt and hat with brand logo, show case and promotion gift to distributor and operator. Our team will help you to organize logistic for all products.

- What kind of service I can get? I know some manufacture disappear when I want to find them…

We are welcome your visiting or research our capability before starting the cooperation. We provide different service to different market request, and also know more info about your service mode and capability on after sale service. We have support most of our customers in European territories in different request, please contact us for further discussion.

- What is Uoshon and can I to be your distributor in my countries?

Uoshon is one team to provide mobile phone whole units, ODM service and outsource service company. We cooperate with most partners in exclusive status, provide patent protect and territories protection. We expect can be your partner and work together with you win in the market, please inquiry now to get more information.

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